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I would advise and encourage anyone to do Study Abroad, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that is far too good to miss!”

Linda Horsburgh

Linda (BA Managing Performance) decided to study abroad for a year at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Here she speaks about her experience:

Seven months ago I boarded a plane at Gatwick airport bound for Canada. I was embarking on my study abroad year, majoring in Drama at the University of Calgary. I have never been so scared in my entire life, but now looking back, this has been the best decision I have ever made. Calgary is situated in Alberta, one of the western provinces of Canada, and is the closest city to the famous Rocky Mountains. Whilst there I went hang-gliding, ice skating on a lake, skiing, snow boarding, and tobogganing. I visited the largest mall in North America, ate countless amazing burgers, and did all of this while studying and being a part of the university’s Drama department.

As a BA Managing Performance student, the opportunity to study acting for a year has has had a huge impact on my view of my studies. Teaching here is very similar to that of a UK drama school, as many of the University’s drama students hope to go on to become professional actors. The most important thing for me though is the vast array of people that I have come into contact with. I have met new friends from all over the world; friends I know will be around for the rest of my life. We’ve all experienced living far away from home for a year and have been determined to make the most of every second. This for me is the year of saying ‘yes’, and since I got off that plane I haven’t once regretted it. I would advise and encourage anyone to study abroad – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that is far too good to miss!

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