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Date: May 8th — May 10th, 2014
George Rodosthenous

Re-imagining the ancient city of Thebes in a modern context, twenty one students updated Bacchae to tell a hard-hitting 21st Century story.

This new work with songs was a contemporary adaptation of Euripides’ quintessential Greek tragedy. Dionysus, the god of wine and theatre, took on a terrible revenge on a city for defying his will, and lead his followers in rebellion against its authoritarian, patriarchal rule. Dionysus brings revolution and freedom – but also blurred the lines between pleasure, intoxication, madness and violence as the social order crumbles.

This adaptation reimagined the chorus of the Bacchae as the centre of this universal story about human obsessions and the pursuit of ecstasy to its gruesome and devastating conclusion.

Photography by Patrick Bannon

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