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Leeds itself I feel is a great city as culturally it has a lot to offer, from a very eclectic music scene to a great city centre and not only that the local residents are very friendly.

Abigail LewisBA Student


Our philosophy is one which sees performance as being at the centre of how we live. Performance helps us make sense of the world. It determines how we communicate and interact with others. Performance gives expression to our ideas and helps us share them – creatively, passionately and with conviction. Through performance we can dream, we can imagine and we can create new possibilities.

Our undergraduate courses encourage you to develop in three distinct but complementary ways. During your time with us you will develop the creativity of the artist, the insight of the cultural activist and the dynamism of the entrepreneur. You will want to make things happen and have a thirst for knowledge about the world around you. Our students are the makers, thinkers and creators of the future. They help shape not just the field of theatre and performance but also other professional sectors where critical and creative thinking is vital to success.

As an art form, performance demands collaboration. This lies at the heart of what we do. Your student journey will involve you working with incredibly talented people. Your programme will be taught by internationally recognised staff who combine both theory and practice with research embedded into their teaching. You will be supported by technical experts with a wealth of knowledge about live performance and professional theatre. You will meet and work with leading industry figures, artists and practitioners. You will find like-minded people who will share this journey with you.

Our courses challenge and stretch our students in ways they had never thought possible. Studying with us will open doors you never even knew existed. All you need to do is be ready to walk through them with confidence, curiosity and a willingness to ask questions.

Welcome to the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

Professor Alice O’Grady
Head of School of Performance and Cultural Industries


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