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Place and Performance

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Research Mission

The Place and Performance Research Group investigates the dynamic interactions between people and the places they inhabit. It examines how place functions beyond the theatre building, focusing on the reciprocal relationship between people and place in both built and natural environments. With expertise in cultural value, cultural economies, scenography, embodiment, cultural engagement, risk, cultural practice and performative politics the group offers a multi-perspectival approach that speaks to a wide audience. Interrogating the key concepts of environment, ecology and experience in relation to performance and culture, the group will actively seek synergies with scholars from other disciplines in order to facilitate cross-institutional collaboration.

For further information contact: Scott Palmer s.d.palmer@leeds.ac.uk

Images by Joslin McKinney

Group Members

Academic staff:

Dr Phil Kiszely, Lecturer in Performance and Cultural Histories
Dr Joslin McKinney, Associate Professor in Scenography
Professor Alice O’Grady, Associate Professor in Applied Performance
Dr Scott Palmer, Lecturer in Scenography
Professor Jonathan Pitches, Chair in Theatre and Performance
Professor Calvin Taylor, Chair in Cultural Economy
Dr Aylwyn Walsh, Lecturer in Applied Theatre and Intervention

PhD researchers:

Alison Andrews – Know you place: Interrogations site specific performance as a transformative exchange between artists and audiences
Simone Kenyon – Walking out of the body and into the Mountain’: dancing, mountaineering and embodied ways of knowing
Xristina Penna – Applications of Cognitive Science in Scenographic Reception and Processes
Sam Stockley – Buzz and the Creative City: Buzz, Creativity and Innovation
Ana Silva Silverio – Brazilian choreographic folklore: developing a method for structural analysis and a classification system
Bethany Wells – Other acts of public WARMTH: The sauna as a performative tool


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