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all the students in this class are from totally different working and academic background which creates a great environment for experience and knowledge exchange

Siwei Wang

MA Culture Creativity and Entrepreneurship

About me

I majored in Economics for my bachelor degree. I had been involved in many activities within the area of culture, creativity and design before I entered the MA programme. I achieved four Chinese National New and Practical Model Patents. I am also a qualified Chinese mid-level tea artist. Meanwhile I worked as assistant director for an American independent film maker who produced a film about Chinese indie music.

Why I chose Leeds?

The School of Performance and Cultural Industries has brought me more than what I expected to experience. Even though I was told the school owns great relationships to companies and organizations in its field before, the reality has been better. As well I think the opportunities of communicating and working with performance students can bring a better understanding for our cultural study and vice versa.

My passion for Culture Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Of course it is mainly because of my passion about the cultural and creative industry. At the beginning my choice was simply made through looking at the high rank of University of Leeds among all the UK universities and the outstanding background of all the lecturers for this programme. What I hoped to obtain through the programme is to combine my interest into my former study in Economics. And this programme offered me even deeper perspective in the knowledge that I wanted to acquire. Another surprising finding through this programme is that all the students in this class are from totally different working and academic background which creates a great environment for experience and knowledge exchange.

My experience so far…

I enjoyed all the lectures in my programme because they were designed and organized in a way that can bring up students’ interests in each topic. There is a lot of discussion and interaction among students and teachers. We are encouraged to share our own experiences and opinions. I was totally surprised that I could actually sit in a company’s office in the student consultant project I am working at for the company called &Co. Apparently this means the experience I can obtain from this project is much more than just getting the result in what I am analyzing.

The experience from preparing the show I am going to perform in the New Stage Festival is also very exciting. It is not a performance that can be accomplished by myself alone and I was totally worried and intimidated that no one would be interested in it. However now I am receiving a lot support from the teachers and performing students (even undergraduate students) and working together to finally bring this show to the stage. Although the actual preparation of the “Dante Inferno” show has not started, from the meetings we have been informed that it is a fantastic opportunity to work with a wide range of different types of people including all the volunteers, young people age from 13 to 19, as well as disabled people.

Getting involved

Firstly I am working as student consultant in a marketing data analysis project for the company of &Co The Culture Marketing House. Secondly I am preparing a show named “Fast Tea/Slow Tea” for New Stage Festival in stage@Leeds. Thirdly I am volunteering as assistant director for a young people show “Dante Inferno“ in Leeds Millennium Square. (Cooperate with Screaming Media Productions, stage@leeds, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds City Council, and BBC Big Screen).

My aspirations

From the realistic angle I hope all the experiences I have acquired from this programme can make my CV stand out from other competitors in my future job application. Moreover I believe the better understanding of the Cultural and Creative Industries that I achieved from this programme provides a great knowledge base for me to run a personal business or take a further study such as Ph.D. in this field.

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