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Ranvijaysinh Jhala

What made you choose the MA in Writing for Performance & Publication?

RanvijayJhalaWEBI wished to study writing in order to understand storytelling, development of plot and characters, so as to get a better understanding of the nuance required to create well-rounded pieces of creative work, especially in television. I also wished to understand and analyse creative work at an academic level, and to be able to dissect approaches taken to develop stories, not just in television writing, but in other forms as well.

What were the highlights of your time in Leeds?

One of the highlights was the access I had to the exhaustive resources that were the libraries. I thoroughly enjoyed the class discussions on the work we did, understanding the scope of creativity that came from a group of people from various parts of the world and their cultural backgrounds.

How did the programme develop your writing?

Working on my assignments with focused, individual attention from my tutors was definitely a great means for me to understand my own voice, and to channel it towards what I would like to be as a writer. Writing multiple drafts of every creative work helped in finding the significance in every element, and how each decision can contribute towards something bigger than what one can probably imagine.

How has it helped you to further your career?

The programme has widened my perspective, and helped develop my ability to see things with a discerning eye, while, at the same time, understand better what others see. This has helped me significantly in my current career in television programming, involving various aspects of presenting a unique balance of the qualitative best, along with the most commercially viable television content to viewers.

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