Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Performance and Cultural Industries


Natasha Rosenthall

MA Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Why I chose Leeds?

The School offers courses which allow you to develop not just skills within one discipline but a range of abilities. The collaborative modules allow for cross discipline work, giving the students an idea of what it would be like to work in a real arts organisation. Upon graduation due to the opportunities which are available as a student you not only leave with a degree, but a well rounded CV to accompany good academic grades.

My passion for Culture Creativity and Entrepreneurship

My passion for the culture, creativity and entrepreneurship course developed over my time as an undergraduate within the School of Performance and Cultural Industries. Getting involved creating our very own theatre company in the third year of study inspired me to be more entrepreneurial. I took on a managerial role within this company and realised I wanted to start my own organisation. The post graduate course I thought would be a great way to increase my entrepreneurial knowledge and give me a year to build up ideas and undertake some exciting placements to understand the arts industry more.

My experience so far…

My experience so far within the school has been very fast paced, exciting and extremely stressful at times. I love to get involved in a range of different projects and at times have found the extra curricular work I have taken on made it more difficult to finish all the academic work which had to be completed. However after being an active member of the school for over three years now I have learnt to tailor the extra curricular work I do to fit around my studying. I also use the extra work I do extensively within my written work as examples of real life situations, making a lot of my essays a lot easier to write.

Getting involved

The School of Performance and Cultural Industries has offered me some brilliant opportunities since the start of my course. These have included: time to undertake a work experience placement at ‘The Times’ newspaper, setting up our very own theatre company, getting involved in numerous shows which have been performed within the stage@leeds theatre, and improving my entrepreneurial skills through developing a comedy festival.

My aspirations

My aspirations are to keep working as hard as I can on a variety of projects which I am passionate about. I never want to feel bored with what I do, I want to keep up with the ever-changing arts industry and learn to change with it. Currently I have a part time job as a lecturer at Huddersfield University so this may be something to add into my future aspirations to keep learning and teaching about all aspects of the arts industry.

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