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James Waplington

What made you choose the MA in Writing for Performance and Publication?

The course content was what initially attracted me. A diverse range of platforms that were more practical than theory based was a real differentiator from other courses out there. It really stood alone in meeting the requirements that satisfied my criteria. I don’t think there is another course out there quite like the MA in Writing for Performance & Publication.

What were the highlights of your time in Leeds?

The seminars and one-to-one tutorials were stand out highlights for me. They were insightful, informative and above all else fun! I found that learning wasn’t a chore as it was in my BA. Quite the opposite. I really enjoyed every minute of the sessions. The way the tutors structured their curriculum made me hungry for knowledge and because of this I became a better writer.

How did the programme develop your writing?

I have always had a good imagination and plenty of ideas. However, I struggle with putting these ideas into fully formed scripts or stories. The programme helped me to make my ideas come to life in the form of short stories, short films and feature films. It gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to take a concept and build a story from start to finish using methods I learned on the course. Methods I still use today.

How has it helped you to further your career?

I am now Head of Marketing at a successful telecoms company. I have no doubt that the ability to project my ideas clearly and follow concepts from start to finish was borne from what I learned during the MA. The course has not only made me a better writer, but a better professional. I am still writing scripts in my spare time. I’m currently working on a short film that I hope to produce early next year which I will send to smaller short film festivals. I’m also writing a six part sitcom that I would like to turn into a web series.

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