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Dr Nicolas Salazar Sutil

Academic Fellow in Digital Performance

Stage@leeds Room 1.01

PhD in Cultural Studies, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College

I am an author, arts practitioner and researcher trained in Laban-Malgrem Movement Psychology, with a PhD in Philosophy. My work is both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. My main interest is human and non-human movement.


I am a Chilean/British author, performance practitioner and researcher. I trained at the Universidad de Chile, and at the Drama Centre London, where I specialized in Movement Psychology. Practice and research are for me grounded methodologically on bodily motion. I study human movement as a vessel for cultural transmission, as formal language, as mode of ideation, as technique. At the same time, the movement arts can be instruments of social change, which is another core area of research I pursue. I am currently leading an AHRC funded project entitled “Social Choreography”, looking at the ethics of dance-based work carried out within refugee communities at various international locations, with partners in UK, US, Spain and Chad. I have conducted a number of artistic residencies addressing mobility and displacement in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Other areas of interest include: movement harmony (Laban), displacement and mobility, social choreography, movement and ecology, and paleocybernetics (old-new cultural practices). From a theoretical point of view, my work is grounded on non-philosophical theory, particularly within the ambit of material thinking and neo-materialism. I am also interested in non-humanist ethics, for instance the rights and agency of nature and technology, particularly coming from traditional perspectives such as paleo experimentalism, earth craft technology, and perspectives from the Global South (e.g. Sumak Kawsay, Muntu/Ubuntu).

I am also the director of c8, an artistic group that explores scientific ideas and new technologies through performance in site-specific contexts (labs, simulators, outdoors).

I am the author of a number of articles, and three books: “Motion and Representation: the Language of Human Movement” (MIT 2015); “Digital Movement” (Palgrave 2015) and “Matter.Transmission: Mediation in a Paleocyber Age” (Bloomsbury 2018).

Research Interests

Human movement, Movement Harmony (Laban technique) and choreosophy, environmental art, paleocybernetics, neo-primitivism, indigenous or traditional forms of embodied knowledge, ethics of life (Sumak Kawsay, Ubuntu, Spinozism), performance pedagogy, performance technology.












































World Performance (Year 3)

BA Acting, University of Essex

60 students

Lecturer, Director,

Movement Analysis I and II (Year2 and Year3)

BA Dance, University of Surrey

60 students

Module convener, Lecturer and Tutor

Digital Aesthetics (Year2),

BA Digital Media, University of Surrey

20 students

Lecturer and Tutor

Interdisciplinary Methods (Year3),

BA Digital Media/ BA Dance, University of Surrey

15 students

Lecturer and Tutor

Art and the Avant-Garde (Year2).

Digital Media (BA), University of Surrey

15 students

Module convener, Lecturer and Tutor

Contemporary Issues in Art and Culture (PECI3701)

BA in Performance, University of Leeds

60 students

Lecturer, tutor

Researching Theatre and Performance (PECI2702)

BA in Performance, University of Leeds

60 students

Module convener, Lecturer, Tutor

Exploring Performance: Cultures and Contexts (PECI1704)

BA in Performance, University of Leeds

60 students

Lecturer, tutor.

Independent Research Project (PECI3700)

BA in Performance, University of Leeds

60 students


Performance, Theatre and Music (PECI1710)

BA in Performance, University of Leeds

60 students

Lecturer, tutor.











London Casebook

MA in Dance, University of Surrey

No. of Stuents: 7

Professional Practices

MA in Dance, University of Surrey

No. of students: 5

Professional Internship

MA in Dance, University of Surrey

No. of students: 15



Journal articles


  • Salazar Sutil N, Melo S (2016) “Exposed to Time: Cross-histories of Human Motion Visualization from Chrono- to Dynamophotography”, In: The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. 143-167
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/102211/

  • Salazar Sutil N (2015) “Intelligence behind Movement: Laboratories of Biomechanics and the Making of Kinetic Utopia”, In: Popat S; Salazar Sutil N (eds.) Digital Movement: Essays in Motion Technology and Performance. 1. Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology. Houndsmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 35-52

  • Wouters P, Chen H (2015) Introduction. 1-20
    DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2014.990144

  • Salazar Sutil N (2014) “404, the Performativity of Error: with Insights into Cyber-errorism in Internacional Errorista and Electronic Disturbance Theatre”, In: Blažević M; Feldman LC (eds.) MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives. Ljubljana, Slovenia: Maska. 183-199
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/102213/

  • Salazar-Sutil N (2013) “"Set in Poland, that is to say Nowhere": Alfred Jarry and the Politics of Topological Space”, In: Fischer-Lichte E; Wihstutz B (eds.) Performance and the Politics of Space: Theatre and Topology. Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies. New York: Routledge. 114-126
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/102214/

  • Salazar Sutil N (2011) “Paradox and Paradance: a Study of Configur8’s I am not I”, In: Birringer J; Fenger J (eds.) Dance and Choreomania. Leipzig: Henschel. 223-236

  • Salazar Sutil N (2011) “The Performance of the Disappeared (Chile 1973-1988)”, In: Davis RG; Fischer-Hornung D (eds.) Performing Migration: Aesthetic Practices and Politics in Media, Music and Art. London: Routledge. 170-183

  • Salazar Sutil N (2009) “Marx, mathematically”, In: The Devil's Party: Marx, Theory and Philosophy. London: Centre for Cultural Studies. 73-82

Conference papers

  • Salazar Sutil N (2018) Dancing Crisis Away: A Study of Ballet de Refugies de Maro (Chad). Memory and Performance in African-Atlantic Futures Proceedings: To be confirmed (Accepted)

  • Salazar Sutil N (2018) Dance against Crisis: Integration and Sensitisation of Refugees in West Africa through traditional dance-based methods. Danser (pour) la Vie Proceedings: To be confirmed

  • Salazar Sutil N (2017) How to get a Wall to Dance: Transmission Media from a New Materialist Angle. Transmission in Motion Proceedings: To be confirmed (Unpublished)

Internet publications

  • Salazar Sutil N (2017) Give Me Explosions.

  • Salazar Sutil N (2011) Binary Coded Performance. Body, Space and Technology.

  • Salazar Sutil N (2008) Subversive identities: ethno-techno and Gómez-Peña’s cross-cultural performance. Body, Space and Technology.

  • Salazar Sutil N (2007) Inmigración, Suplicancia y la Política de Asilo en la Antigua Grecia. Cyber Humanisais.


  • Salazar Sutil N, Rotman B Ordinal 4.

  • Salazar Sutil N, Locker N Solid Sense: the dancer in the Virus. 12/06/2011

  • Salazar Sutil N I am not I. 07/03/2010

    Performed at Goldsmiths College, March 2010

  • Salazar Sutil N They Are Listening/ Eles Estao Escutando.

  • Salazar Sutil N Binary Flesh. 23/11/2011

  • Salazar Sutil N Fesitival Arte Electronica Indigena. 01/08/2018

  • Salazar Sutil N iWeave. 12/04/2011

  • Salazar Sutil N Structured Light. 11/08/2014

  • Salazar Sutil N, Mazza C, Carusi A Train: a performance-based study of chronic physical pain.

  • Salazar Sutil N Softdriver.

  • Salazar Sutil N Reach.

  • Salazar Sutil N Flatland.

  • Salazar Sutil N Labanimations. 02/08/2011

  • Salazar Sutil N Mindbeat Quintet: Offending the Audience.

  • Salazar Sutil N Safety Valves: Personifying the Streets of Athens.

Scholarly editions

Research Projects & Grants

AHRC Social Choreography Network (PI) £32,144

AHRC Error Network (Named participant) £35,572

Institute of Advanced Studies, UoS grant (PI), £3,600

Santander mobility award £1,600

EPSRC Bridging the Gaps (Co-I) £17,000.

EPSRC Visualizing Motion in 3+D (RA), £72,000.

Research Centres & Groups

Member of Displacements Research Group: Performance Geography (University of Leeds)

Member of Social Choreography network (AHRC funded)

Member of Error Network (AHRC Network grant)

External Appointments

2013-2015 ILLUME, Faculty Centre for Creativity Research, University of Surrey.

2013-2015 Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey

2011-2014 Director, Performance Studies international (PSi).

2007-2008 Member of the Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas.

2003-2004 Member of American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA).

Professional Practice

  • Flatland (digital dance/theatre) Presented at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford, June 2012. Director.
  • Offending the Audience (electronic theatre) Presented at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford, June 2012. Co-director.
  • Solid Sense (digital dance) Presented at PATS Studio, University of Surrey, June 2011. Choreographer/Director.
  • Dead Line. Live and electronic play presented at Clifftown Theatre, Southend.  Co-writer and director.
  • Binary Flesh (digital dance), presented at Antonin Artaud Building, Brunel University, Sep. 2010. Choreographer.
  • I am not I (dance/theatre), presented at Lockwood Studios, Goldsmiths College, March 2010. Choreographer.
  • Ordinal 4, with Brian Rotman (dance/theatre), presented at Lockwood Studios, Goldsmiths College, March 2010. Choreographer.
  • Binary Flesh (digital dance), presented at Antonin Artaud Building, Brunel University, September 2010
  • Tauromachy (theatre play), presented at PAC Worth, East Sussex, November 2009
. Writer and director.
  • The Women of Troy (theatre), presented at Grange Theatre, Santiago de Chile April. Adapted and directed.
  • Rondo Adafina (theatre), presented at Teatro Teresa Carreno, Caracas, Venezuela, June-July 2001
. Performer and co-writer.
  • Corpus Christi (theatre, directed by Stephen Henry), presented at Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, August 1999, and Pleasance Theatre, London, November 1999- January 2000)
. Performer.
  • Suspicious Truth (theatre), Bloomsbury Theatre London, April 1999. Actor.
Alas (theatre), presented at ICN. Santiago de Chile, April 1994. Writer and performer.



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