Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Performance and Cultural Industries


Dionysia Bouzioti

Practice-based PhD Student/ Researcher

Clothworkers' Building South, Room 3.08

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 11.00 am - 18.00 pm

BA, MA in Theatre Studies

I explore the ways phenomenology contributes in the creative process as an analytical, hermeneutic and creative tool. Using the form of dance-theatre I examine the reciprocal relationships between movement – emotion and performer – spectator to unfold the phenomenological intertwinings in the perceptual and sensual fields of embodied subjectivity.

Research Interests

My research revolves around philosophy of theatre and drama with a focus in phenomenology and semiotics, performance analysis and audience research. I have a particular interest in dance-theatre, contemporary theatre and Greek tragedy. Given the interdisciplinary nature of my research, I share an equal interest in psychoanalysis, cognitive science and neurophenomenology.


Mentor at the LEAP Scheme (AHC Faculty)

Research Projects & Grants

(i)  University Research Scholarship (2017 – 2020)

(ii) CePRA Funding Award for Practice-based Research in AHC (2018)

Research Centres & Groups

(i)  Performance Training, Preparation and Pedagogy Research Group, PCI School

(ii) Bodies and Performance Research Group, PCI School

(iii) Member of TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association)

(iv) Member of ITI (International Theatre Institute)


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