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Clare Danek

My professional background is in arts administration. My research uses (auto)ethnographic methods to explore amateur craft participation in open access community making spaces.


My professional background is in the cultural and creative industries – I was part of the core team delivering the first two editions of Liverpool Biennial, creative and marketing manager for a UNESCO-cited creative industries workspace, one of the directors of England’s largest puppet festival, and also spent four years writing and editing for UK and European design networks.

I came to PCI in 2014 to study for a Masters in Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, and, motivated by a desire to explore my own creative processes, for my research project undertook an autoethnographic study of amateur woodwork practice. My doctoral research follows on from this, using ethnographic methods and a practice-based approach to investigate the experiences of participants in amateur craft activity. Specifically, it considers how participants learn from one another, how they progress from first steps to independent use of the space, and the role of the space in practitioners’ development.

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