Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Performance and Cultural Industries


Research Seminar: Performing Care

We take care of people. Working from respective positions as theatre maker and choreographer we are exploring the possibilities and responsibilities of these roles with regard to the care of audiences and of participants and audiences. To take care is to accept responsibility and to risk being exposed as being inadequate to the task. How might artists approach this risk as a creative opportunity? ‘Taking care’ can sometimes be a framework of finality. To take care of something or someone is to be in control: ‘Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it/her/him, of the issue …’ brings the discussion to a close. One approach to challenge this framework is to explore the possibilities of intimacy between artist and audience as a transformative prospect. We ask how performance can be an act of care. With reference to practitioners engaged in thinking Care across disciplines, we invite you to a seasonally appropriate event on 12 December. Consider yourselves taken care of.

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