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Mountainsides: Training

How has physical training developed in the last fifty years? In what circumstances can walls be thought of as teaching machines? Is it possible to make the transition from indoors to outdoors in training? Or are they two different cultures? Are there contact points between training for physical performance – in forms such as parkour – and the preparation needed for advanced rock climbing? Or have these forms in fact already met, in the heightened mountain performances so popular on YouTube?

Presenters: Maria Kapsali and Mick Ward

The event is free but booking is required, please register to book your place. 

What is Mountainsides?

Mountainsides is a series of public conversations between prominent mountaineers, climbers and hikers and academics of theatre, performance and cultural studies.  Each event will be introduced by a concise ‘micro-lecture’ on the theme, followed by contributions from each speaker. The majority of the time will be given over to animated conversation, robust debate and productive interjections from the floor.

What shared languages are there between climbing and performing and what gets in the way of a good conversation? How are terms such as, risk, composition, light, narrative, movement and training understood in the two domains? How far is it true to say that climbing is a form of performance and can learn from the languages of theatre and performance studies? And what are the key ideas in hiking and climbing that resonate with the live art of performance?

Full details of the series and future events can be found at http://performing-mountains.leeds.ac.uk/

The series is curated by David Shearing and Jonathan Pitches with the help and support of the project’s advisory board and its formal partner, Kendal Mountain Festival.


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