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Audience Embodiment: Making and Mindfulness

Carole Kirk
Making Sense: The immersivity of painting for artist and audience

As a painter, I explore making by hand as a process of thinking – literally of sense-makingMaking involves labouring with materials through gesture and handling, responding constantly to tactile, visual and emotional feedback from the emerging form.  Whilst I am manipulating and rearranging materials in my studio, I am making more than a painting – I am making sense.  There comes a point where I feel meaning emerging through my immersion in the painting.  But if the meaning is in the painting (as a verb), and in the materiality and tactility of making by hand, how can I share that knowledge with a viewer?

David Shearing
Audience immersion: mindfulness in scenographic environments

How can mindfulness open-up sensory and imaginative processes of scenographic reception? This paper seeks to take account for the reflective and contemplative nature of audience experience in environmental performance installations. Drawing upon a trilogy of works developed as part of a practice-led PhD project exploring Audience Immersion and the Experience of Scenography; audience and practitioner reflections are used to explore the distinctions between attention and distraction, and presents mindfulness as an embodied mode of engagement. www.davidshearing.com

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